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Avanish Pandey


We Take time, time to understand the business, time to build trust and create relation. We all know that people do business with people, not companies. Keeping that in mind we present our case studies on the business that have given us the opportunity to work with them.

Case Study - Astaqc Consulting

Why Case Studies?

When working on a project every team comes across various challenges and mitigates those, we at Astaqc try to document this process in details to help any future client take inspiration from it and thus help them save on their costing.

A case study is a blueprint of activity performed by the team, we answer address the problem statement, provide the solution, list down all the platforms tested on, mention the tools, technologies and approach used.

We keep adding new research document frequently. Keep Checking this Space


  • Our Case studies are our assessment.
  • Case Studies do not reflect on any clients business.
  • Data in Case studies have been built on the research based on the testing performed.